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  • ICT Eliud Owalo defends Worldcoin program terms it legal.
  • Owalo says Worldcoin is not breaching the Data Protection Act.

The government has defended  the  Worldcoin project in the country saying the company American Artificial Intelligence (AI) company OpenAI was allowed to conduct its business in the country.

 Cabinet Secretary for ICT and Digital Economy, Eliud Owlao says Worldcoin, the new cryptocurrency project by American Artificial Intelligence (AI) company OpenAI, is  legally in Kenya.

According to Owalo scanning of people’s irises for free cryptocurrency tokens known as WLD, Worldcoin is not breaching the Data Protection Act.

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“This is something that started way back in April. We have a fully-fledged Data Commissioner’s office charged with the regulation of data security and privacy In April, the office of the Data Commissioner got wind of Worldcoin and wrote them a letter to clarify what they wanted to do,information available to the Data Commissioner is that within the existing legal frameworks is that there is no provision in the law that the organisation has breached. There has been correspondence with them,” Owalo stated.

Kenyans have today throng the Kenya International Convention Center to participate in the Worldcoin program that is currently scanning eye irises for exchange of cash.According to the program,you register and have your irises scanned digitally with a device then participants are given 25 Worldcoin tokens to cash.They have to sell the tokens to cryptocurrency which loosely translate to KSH 7000.

How It works

We have one on one interview with Emma Wangari who exchanges Worldcoins into  Kenya shillings.She explains to us how it works.

“Am here just for exchange those who have been given worldcoin we exchange in shillings.. today it was 6500 per 25 Worldcoin.” She explains.

Crowds for Worldcoin

Back at  KICC where Kenyans have been flocking, those who spoke to Ghetto Radio News says their main agenda is Money and nothing else.

“Am Jackline Kioko from Mukuru Kayaba Mimi nimesoma Niko na dip na sijaipata job so Mimi niliskia kwa media kuhusu hii story ya worldcoin na nikasikia wasee wanajengwa 7k ndio nimesema nifike nipate hii doo I was here as early as 5.30 am. to participate.” Kioko said.

“Mimi naitwa Deno from Huruma nilikama hapa Jana line ikawa busy mpaka late so sikuingia but leo niliamua nifike mapema zaidi.. kuhusu vile nilijua mambo ya worldcoin ni through the media Sina much info kitu najua hapa ni wasee wanapewa doo.halafu unacheki si kitu ngumu ni wewe kuscaniwa macho then unapata doo yako.” Denis Huruma resident told Ghetto Radio News.

According to those with know-how world coin is a  project that is geared to create a global network of digital identities for a world in which all robots become harders to distinguish from humans.

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