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IEBC Cautioned to Ensure Transparency on Using  Digital Voter Register

Lawyers and Activists have called out  the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission  to ensure transparency while adopting biometric system.

IEBC said that it will do away with manual  register at polling stations across the country in favor of biometric voter identification.

Nubian Rights Forum Chief Executive Officer  Shaffie Hussian asked the IEBC to ensure there is transparency to avoid chaos and mishaps.

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He also asked them to provide internet services to the polling stations which do not have the services.

“How do they make sure in a transparent manner that the 1000 polling station have access to internet and if not what will be the outcome? Because we do not want to take this country into a post-election violence. They should also have a look at the people who are manning the system to ensure that the results come out transparently,” Shaffie said.

On the other hand, lawyer Shadrack Wambui asked the electoral body to have an alternative way of verifying voters in case the biometrics failure.

“I advocate for electronic identification but I also recognize that we have shortcomings. This is Kenya we have people who do manual jobs and their fingerprint might not be found. We must compliment the process and still make sure that no errors are encountered. The IEBC should have a complementary system like the manual system which will complement each other and the IEBC should check both the fingerprint and manual system to ensure that there is an election which is verifiable so that they can verify that those who voted are the same who turned out,” Shadrack said.

“Previously we had a problem of dead people voting for people which was a problem because people misused their Identification cards. This will also help because people who died and their names are still in the system will not be able to vote during the election,” He added.

IEBC however, said that it will install satellite gadgets for electronic results transmission in areas without 3G internet.

By  Emmaline Owuor