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IEBC Commissioner Akombe fears for her life

IEBC Commissioner Akombe fears for her life

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IEBC Commissioner Dr. Rosslyn Akombe’s brother as filed the country  following threats on his life.

Reports indicate that the 34 year old man left the country on the 5th of September.

Commissioner Akombe in an interview with Nation stated that death threats to her brother were to intimate her

Dr Akombe says threats directed at her brother are intended to intimidate her.

IEBC Commissioner Roslyn Akombe. Her brother has fled the country after receiving several threatening messages believed to be targeted at his sister and fellow commissioners.

Dr Akombe opened up on her own fears, saying never before has she felt so insecure.

The threats, to Akombe’s brother have been in the form of text messages and calls from unknown persons.

He eventually landed in his host country eight days later, after passing through five countries.


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