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IEBC Criticized For Ksh. 40 Billion Budget, Campaign Spending Caps

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The United Green Movement Party has criticized the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s Ksh. 40 Billion 2022 General Elections Budget.

UDM Party Leader Agostinho Neto says that the Ksh. 40 billion will perpetrate corruption in the country and within the commission.

Mr. Neto also added that the IEBC should instead look for ways to cut funds spent during the election period.

“The more you make the cost of elections expensive the more you send the country into a risky path because you are simply propagating corruption. It is a good thing to curb election spending is a good thing. Ksh 40.9 Billion to conduct the elections is astronomical it is outright theft and is part of Kenyans problems,” said Neto.

Neto argues that the observation of Covid-19 protocols should for example not be the worry of IEBC but that of the Public Health under the ministry of Health.

On the issue of election campaign spending caps put by IEBC, Neto stated that it will be difficult to determine the amount of money spent by the candidates.

He also added that candidates start campaigning from the day the election results are announced to the next General Elections.


“It is a good thing to cub elections spending. It is a good thing and it is the most practical thing to do but it is not practical to monitor the election spending. I mean in Kenya the election campaigns start the day you lose elections. Those who lost elections on the 8th of August started campaigning on the 9th of august so has IEBC been monitoring the campaign financing from 9th of August 2017 till now?” posed Neto.

The former Ndthiwa MP that IEBC should not limit candidates on the amount they should spend during campaign.

So it is hard to put a ceiling in one year to elections and ask us that you want us to spend Ksh. 100 Million. So yes it is good to curb. It is just that campaigns and campaign financing mean two different things,” says Neto.

The party leader says that it is high time that Kenyans reworked their election styles in the next general elections.



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