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“If Business was taught in school Lecturers would be Billionaires”-Huddah Monroe


Socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe has taken a swipe at university lecturers.

The socialite recently disclosed that she had to quit college to give her younger brother’s the chance to study.

“I didn’t graduate, I stopped college halfway to give my younger brothers the chance to education.” she said

The cosmetics entrepreneur also revealed that her empire is fast rising to success because of being street smart.

She argues that not everything is taught in school and if matters business solely came from a classroom, then all lecturers would be billionaires.

“If being in school truly taught the art of doing business, then those lecturers wouldn’t waste their time teaching, they would be billionaires.” she said

She maintains that not everything comes from a classroom and some of the success traits are actually in-born.