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“If I don’t forgive you, we will not move on” Ruth Matete’s dad


Ruth Matete’s father actor Abel Amunga now says he has forgiven Kenyans on social media for potraying his daughter in bad light.

Speaking during his late son-in-law’s burial on Thursday, Mr. Amunga said he has chosen to forgive the netizens who accused his daughter of murdering her husband.

He further added that he chose forgiveness so that he and his family can move on.

“Right here and now, I want to say, I forgive every person on social media and all other media platforms that conveyed very very negative news about my daughter and all the people that surround her I forgive all of you. Because if I don’t forgive you we will not move on I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this for me and my daughter, so I forgive all of you.” He said

The late pastor Beloved John Apewajoye was laid to rest at the Lang’ata cemetery on Thursday July 23rd.

During the burial Ruth Matete eulogized her husband as the right package for her.

She also revealed that before her husband’s demise, they had settled on a name for their unborn child.

“Being together four years, my life and yours had become almost one, there was no way you’d mention Ruth Matete without adding Beloved John but such is life. Meeting you was divine we had our ups and downs but we made through.when I was believing God for a husband, I prayed that he would send me someone who loved God and wanted to serve God genuinely and I got the exact package. I love how you praised God above everything. Sometimes I feel like you knew your time was coming, just by the way you had put things in order like naming the baby. We agreed to name the baby Joshua Tolua Apewajoye if it is a boy and Joanna Tolua Apewajoye if it is a girl. It is a boy so he is Joshua. I will tell Tolua of how kind you were and how you were willing to serve the lord. Continue being with the lord my darling husband.” She said

The fallen pastor succumbed to multiple organ failure as a result of sepsis on April 11th.

The late Apewajoye was involved in a gas explosion accident on 30th March 2020.