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If Uhuru, Ruto vied in Embakasi East by election, i will still beat them – Babu Owino


Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has pointed an accusing finger at the executive for having a hand in the nullification of his election by the High Court today.

Babu whose election was nullified by the High Court on grounds of massive irregularities and violence says his election was nullified following his war with the executive.

Babu further accused the executive of arm twisting the judiciary.

“The whole nation knows that this is a war between the president, the deputy president and Babu Owino. It is not news that i have been opposing the government because the government was not legitimately elected.

Babu’s election nullification came after the judge ordered a recount of all votes which showed, that Babu won with a marging of 4,000 votes.

Unbowed Babu further stated that he will appeal the case.

“But i know waht can’t kill you can only make you stronger… Am strong am not a person who can be brought down easily, if Uhuru decides if Ruto decides to vie in Embakasi East, i will beat them very early in the morning,” he said.