In a video making rounds on Social media a gentleman by the name Dr Charles Apoki has shared an ‘’educative ‘’ video on how to maintain a relationship and a marriage.

He says there are a few things when applied ,equals to a happy long lasting marriage ,

The smiling gentleman who will catch your attention immediately, says that if you cannot do the following things, your marriage or relationship is bound to end immaturely

  • .If you cannot control your anger and temper don’t get married
  • .If you cannot tolerate stupidity don’t get married
  • If you cannot say sorry, even when right don’t get married

He defines falling in love in a rather interesting way,

‘’Falling in love  is common sense leaving your brain” , ‘’ He says

Adding on to that , he says anyone who pretends to be smart cannot last in a marriage with intelligent people unable to maintain relationships.

At the end of the video ,wearing a huge smile Dr Charles summarizes his rather controversial marriage advise  by saying this

‘’It takes some level of stupidity to remain married, I have been married for 38yrs and been stupid all through ‘’

The video has elicited different reactions from online users with majority agreeing with him.

‘’This is the best advice ever’’

‘’When professional done talk am who am I to say no’’

‘’This man always says fact about life’’

‘’Nothing but the truth but this generation are too dumb to know these things but claiming smartness. We hope everyone can learn from this’’

‘’If you can’t be tolerating and if you can’t overlook things Marriage can’t last long Cause I feel marriage is two in-perfect people coming together under a roof to try and manage themselves’’

Read some comments ,

Some however felt his advice was misplaced as captured below,

‘’I disagree with him He is very wrong’’

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