If you think you have had a bad 2020, read the story of this old man

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A man in Nairobi’s Makongeni area is in distress after losing four family members within a span of 11 months.

Juma Buthethe says he first lost his son in law who was a police officer in accident in Mombasa seven months ago.

And just before the dust settled on his son’s burial, his daughter also died last month after being bedridden for about two months.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Buthethe says that he spent about Ksh. 200, 000 to treat his daughter’s illness that they later found out it was cancer.

“For a long time, the doctors were unable to diagnose her illness for quite some time and she was bedridden. We only realised it was cancer just before she died,” lamented Buthethe.

Buthethe says he is now stuck with the body of his 11 year old grandson who last week fell down from a four storey house in Kibra and died.

“This boy lived in Kibra slums with his stepmother after his parents died. How he fell and cracked his skull is still a puzzle to us. Nonetheless we are supposed to bury him on Friday”  he says.

Having spent a lot of money in the burial and treatment of his daughter, he is appealing for well-wishers to help him burry his grandson who was an orphan.

Buthethe says that he is stuck with Ksh. 60,000 postmortem and mortuary bill for his grandson.

You can help Buthethe by sending him money on 0723942251 – Juma Buthethe.