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If You Want to Abuse Someone  go and do so with your Fellow Celebs, Kibe Told


Musician Stevo Simple Boy’s girlfriend Vishy Pritty has warned Andrew Kibe not to interfere in her relationship.

This is after Andrew Kibe warned Simple Boy for taking Vishy back after they broke up early this year.

She asked Andrew Kibe to focus on celebrities and stop following her lifestyle.

“Stevo has his own life and so do I. If he saw getting back with me was a good thing, that is his decision. We need to respect each other. If you want to abuse someone, go and do so with your fellow celebs. I am not on that level so I do not understand why you are mocking me?” she said.

She also claimed that the former radio presenter should mind his own business.

“Why are you arguing with a 20-year-old? I thought you had brains but hauna. Mind your own business and I will do the same. Stevo and I will break up and we will get back together and there is nothing you can do. Tutakosana na bado he will still chose me.” Added Vishy.

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In a video, Kibe warned Stevo Simple Boy against taking back vishy after she embarrassed him publicly.

“Stevo broke up with his girlfriend after she claimed the artist did not treat her like she wanted. She came back after staying in the wilderness and realized how tough things can be and that it’s only Stevo who can love her. Dump this b**ch, never agree to get back with a girl you have broken up with. This woman has left you before and she will leave you again. We no longer hear your songs,” Kibe said.

Vishy had recently revealed that the musician was harassed by his former management and has since moved.

By Emmaline Owuor