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“If your husband is cheating, it’s because you don’t treat him right” – Shosh mahewa


By Annette Amondi

78 year old Cecilia Wangari popularly known as Shosh Mahewa has been making headlines after a video of her fixing car stereo systems emerged.

Wangari runs “Shosh Sound Systems” shop located along Outering road in Nairobi and with a complete garage where she fixes music systems for public and private vehicles.

Speaking to Maji Maji and King Kafu on Ghetto Radio’s brekko, Shosh offered some inspiration to the youth urging them to pick themselves up and find something productive to do.

Wangari has worked as a conductor, a driver and a matatu owner before she decided to open her own hustle which has provided employment to some youth among them her grandson.

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She went on to urge the Governor Nairobi county to provide youths with stalls where they can self employ theselves.

“Tengenezeni stalls vijana wapewe waanze biashara, yule anakataa apelekwe jela” she said

On relationship advice Shosh has urged women to look after their husbands like babies.

She warned women against nagging their men saying it only promotes cheating.

“Ukiona Mwanaume ananza kurandaranda nje ni kwa sababu bibi anasumbua.” She added

Wangari has also expressed her support for polygamous marriage saying that it is not something new and it has always worked.

Wangari says she would like to one day open a college to teach the youth about cars.