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Igathe Defends Himself Over His Resignation as DG,  KARA Holds First Gubernatorial Debate  

The Kenya  Alliance  of Resident Association (KARA)  today held  a debate  for the seven  Nairobi  gubernatorial candidates, Where Azimio la Umoja gubernatorial candidate defended himself on his resignation as a DG in 2017.

Igathe while  responding  on why he unceremoniously  quitted the  office  leading  to a constitutional  crisis said he never wanted to associate himself with  whatever he describes as   ‘rot’ in the City Hall,adding that he could  not just sit and watch  the people  of Nairobi  suffer  yet he could  not resonate with former Governor Mike sonko.

“I’m  here  seeking  a fresh contract  with Nairobians,I opted  to distance  myself  from the corruption  and the impunity  of  of my Mike Sonko,I want  to assure  they Nairobians that I tried  all I could,this time I’m  ready to make it work because  I will have all the apparatus  with  my disposal.” Igathe  said.

During  the debate corruption  and unemployment  among the youths took the centre  stage,with each  candidate of the five    who turned  for the debate  made  a solemn  commitment  to fight the corruption   and create  an elaborate  system  where  businesses  can thrive.

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Nancy Wambui a Gubernatorial  candidate  running  on Usawa kwa wote party said  during her tenure  in the office  as governor she would  come up with housing  projects  and a vibrant  cash flow to to cushion  the small and medium  enterprises.

“Leadership  must be centered on service  delivery, may admiration will embark on  the housing  project ,so that for each every Nairobi resident can own a house at affordable rates” she said.

The gubernatorial  hopeful  also said  she will work with  the intelligence officers  to curb the perennial Gikomba market fire.

 “The land grabbers wants to grabb the Gikomba,and each time its burnt down,they take a chunk  of it,I will take legal action  on  those culpable  of the fire that have seen caused  massive  loss to traders.”Wambui  alleged.

By Rodgers Oduor.