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Igathe To Give Lands In Nairobi Electronic Addresses


Azimio La Umoja Nairobi County Governor candidate Polycarp Igathe has promised to dismantle land cartels if elected.

Igathe who launched his manifesto today stated that he will ensure that every plot of land has an electronic address to protect them from grabbing, “we will ensure every plot of land will have an electronic address.”

In the manifesto, Igathe also stated that he will ensure that the county workers are paid on time and taken well care of.

“Professor Kaloki and myself want to establish an organization with the right human resource practices by making sure that the Nairobi City County Workers stop being bashed that they are the problem in the city,” said Igathe.

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Speaking during the launch of his manifesto Igathe says that the Nairobi County workers are not the problem in the city but are actually the solution.

“We will establish an organization with the right human resource practices; we will ensure Nairobi City County workers have a commercial bargaining agreement, are paid on time, career development, and work in a clean environment,” he said.


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