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  • Karen Nyamu clash with ALUTA Founder DeeJay Double Trouble.
  • Nyamu Wants ALUTA Banned in Clubs.

Nairobi nominated senator Karen Nyamu criticization of ALUTA “24 Hours rave by ravelors” has angered Aluta Dee Jays who now want her to keep off the entertainment industry if she doesn’t have enough cash to spend.

Nyamu alluded that ALUTA is killing youthful generation as score engage in drinking and other dirty orgies that negatively impact on their lives.
According to popular reggae deejay Double Trouble ALUTA is a source income for many youths and should the senator feels tired of it then she is advised to stay back at home.
“Karenza kama umeshindwa kupiga sherehe ya usiku mpaka asubui chorea ALUTA.Kuna watu waeandikwa kwa job kwa hiyo ALUTA .” Aluta Founder Dee Jay Double Trouble told the controversial senator.

‘Don’t be be negative on what brings food on the table of youths especially the entertainment industry our leaders should be an embodiment of accommodative leadership and society.The comments by the Hon Senator is hellbent and do not in anyway promote the entertainment industry.The notion that those enjoying ALUTA are only youths is a fallacy and misguided.Tuko na watu ambao wanajielewa kabisa mayutman wengi ndani ya ALUTA wanachapa works kama waiters, waitress,Dee Jays,car wash and so many let’s be positive.” The flamboyant deejay said.

      Karen Nyamu View

Nyamu says she has been on many ALUTAs and the trend is wanting and that it’s time to pause the ALUTA “STOP” baton.

“I know what am talking about have been their before I know some of our my friends whom actually lost it and are currently doing bad in life..Hatuezi chapa sherehe Friday, Saturday, Sunday wengine mpaka Monday..You attend your church service in a club …am preparing to present a statement on this matter and discuss it in the House …I have a platform and must address it.” Nyamu said.

November 28, 2023

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