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“I’m definitely making a baby” Vera Sidika


Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has tickled her fans online after revealing that she intends to make a baby.

The socialite who has made it clear that she is staying home during this crisis time says she would like to have a baby of her own after the Covid-19 crisis.

In an online post, Vera shared a video of her holding a baby revealing that she has baby fever.

“I miss my baby ???If I survive this Covid19 I’m definitely making a baby ? Life is too short, ?” she said

The post tickled her fans who went on to demand that she introduce them to her latest catch.

Another fan however poked fun at her telling her how Covid-19 does not attack plastics.

“You will for sure survive. It’s not meant for plastics but the human race,” said the fan to which Vera responded saying  “@jonikirrk ?? you’re going to Hell ?”

The bootylicious lass has always been open about her desire to have a baby and even pretended to be expectant in previous posts online.