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  • Chelsea boss waiting for the fans to fall in love with him ahead of Crystal Palace clash
  • Chelsea Head Coach says He feels  the respect from the fans
  • He admits the days after that Wolves loss were hard

Mauricio Pochettino is yet to feel the love from Chelsea fans.

When  SKY SPORTS asked if he felt the love of the Blues fans, the former Paris Saint-Germain coach said, “No, no, I need to be honest with you, no because I understand they were winning the Champions League, they won cups, the Premier League. Why are the fans going to love me after six, seven months?

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“We are in a final but we are not in a good position in the table in the Premier League. I think at the moment I feel the respect from the fans, I see them on the street and they all nice to me, but I cannot lie.”

Maybe it is still to come I say. “we’ll see” said  the Chelsea head coach.

Chelsea Loss to Wolves

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He admits the days after that Wolves loss were hard. Pochettino says he doesn’t feel the pressure and stress himself but it is absorbed by those friends and family around him, especially in the modern world where social media can be so brutal.

“My mood does not change,I am in control, my life doesn’t change, I’m not going to change the way I think or how I perceive things. The most important thing to remember is that if you don’t win games, it’s normal to hear some noise and three days later you get another chance” Pochettino told skysports

Lonely Valentine for Pochettino

The Chelsea Boss told Sky Sports that His wife will be traveling on Valentines Day

Mauricio Pochettino’s wife of 30-plus years, he says has “abandoned” him on Valentine’s Day for a trip to Spain to see their son.

He joked that before she made her decision to go “she said to me if you have some nice presents I’ll stay, and I said no it’s ok you can go and see your son.”

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