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  • “I’m Sorry” Zuchu to Zanzibar’s 6 months ban.
  • Zuchu has been suspended for six months and slapped with a million bob fine over her indecent act during her Zanzibar show.
  • Zuchu’s stable, Wasafi has also issued an apology.

Zuchu has apologized for her indecent act during her Zanzibar show “Fullmoon Kendwa Night” on February 24, 2024 which has earned her a six months ban with a million bob fine.

According to the Sukari hit maker, she had had a meeting with the country’s creative watchdog, BASATA.

BASATA had reminded Zuchu to follow the laid guidelines to avoid getting in their bad books.

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Zuchu revealed that her actions were purely on entertainment purposes and not whatsoever meant to mislead the masses.

“Kutokana na sitonfahamu iliyojitokeza siku ya tarehe ishirini na nne kwenye show yangu ya Zanzibar pale Kendwa niombe radhi kwa jamii kama kuna sitonfahamu yoyote  iliyojitokeza na kama mtu yeyote ama mregwa iliyomkera lengo ilikuwa ni kuburudisha na sio kupotosha” she asserted partly.

Zuchu further thanked BASATA for their wise counsel in her first ever brush with them.

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Fans Reactions

Zuchu’s commentary has since flooded with reactions after the other.

We sampled a few below.

“Hivi Marekani na nchi zilizoendelea pia wana hili baraza? @officialzuchu”

“Safii babe girl”

“Hasira hasara marufuku kufanya show Zanzibar”

“Sema dah Zuchu una moyo wa kushuka sanaa”



Reconciliatory Show

During Zuchu’s show in Zanzibar, they used it as a reconciliatory platform with her boyfriend, Diamond.

Diamond pleaded with Zuchu to come back to him having been dumped a few hours ago.

Zuchu was irked by Diamond who was captured getting cozy with his baby mama, Zari Hassan.

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With dozens of revelers playing witness, Zuchu accepted Diamond back with the Wasafi singer revealing they had had a long backroom talk.

Meanwhile, Zuchu’s stable, Wasafi has since issued an apology affirming not to have a repeat of the same.


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