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  • Rapper Cardi B has unfollowed her husband after stating that she is tired of protecting peoples feelings.
  • This follows after sharing her new years resolutions noting that she is stepping into next year a different person with a different mentality and personality.
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Rapper Cardi B has unfollowed her husband Offset from Instagram stating that she is tired of protecting people’s feelings.

Through her Instagram stories,the curvy mother shared that she wants to put herself first instead of protecting people.

”I’m tired of protecting peoples feelings…I gotta put myself first!”

”You know when you just out grow relationships.”She wrote.

The two rappers have been blessed with two lovely kids.

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Cardi B’s new year resolutions

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Cardi B: photo courtesy

This follows after Cardi B went online with fans yesterday on Tik Tok revealing to fans what she wants for the future.

”You know we keep saying that every year like mmmh do here,do this and do me!”

”Bitch am taking that to the fucking hard!Like am literally writing it down a whole book of what things that I need to do for myself to get to where I wanna be in my life aaah,because I know where I wanna be career wise,financially and personal life aah next year.”She said.

Cardi noted that as a Libra they tend to protect people ,how they feel forgetting themselves.

”You know I feel like a Libra when it comes to people,when it comes to people you always want to protect,how they feel,their feelings,your image ooh how will they feel,fuck them!”

”Next year will gonna be about me.What about ,what I need to do or what i need to do to get to where I wanna be as a boss, to where i wanna be mentally and shoes will have to be filed because some people will get the fuck out,”

” As hard it is stop protecting other people’s feelings because years from now you will be down because as a Libra we wanna protect people.”She vented.

She concluded by saying she is stepping in as a new person with a different mentally.

”Why was i doing that  because you put other people’s first and that was just my point,and why was I doing that?”

”That was just my goal for the new year mmmh,I’m stepping in as a new person,mentality and personality.”She concluded.

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