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I’m too expensive for the Kenyan Market – Willy Paul


Controversial singer Willy Paul now says he is too expensive to perform in the Kenyan market.

Willy Paul says he has reached a point he does not care about the Kenyan market run by cartels.

According to Pozee, the same cartels have been denying him shows and airplay.

“If you call me for shows and don’t meet my standards am sorry I will not come, first I am expensive because my talent and gifts are expensive second i invest a lot in my work and you should pay me a reasonable amount,” he said

Willy Paul called out those in the music industry saying that some bow to the cartels while those who don’t automatically become enemies.

“Again cartels in the music industry are evil people if you don’t share a deal or what you have with them you become their enemy and they will not give you shows. You show them you know worth you become their enemy if  you turn down the offer and tell them this is what you need you to become their enemy if you show them your worth because of your brand they take you as an enemy and they don’t call you for shows  but instead they give somebody else.” he added