In Summary

  • Contaminated flood water likely to cause disease
  • A section of Nairobi currently experiencing flash floods

Flooding can cause physical injury, illness and loss of life. Deep, fast flowing or rapidly rising flood waters can be particularly dangerous.

Shallow water flowing at 2 metres per second (m/sec) can knock children and many adults off their feet.

Vehicles can be moved by flowing water of only 1 foot (300mm) depth.

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Polluted Floodwater

Floodwater contaminated by sewage or other pollutants properties is  likely to cause illnesses, either directly as a result of contact with the polluted floodwater or indirectly, as a result of sediments left behind.

Those most likely to be at risk are people living in a single-storey bungalow or below ground in a basement, those outdoors, on foot or in a vehicle, or people staying in a tent or caravan.

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As well as the immediate dangers, the impact on people and communities as a result of the stress and trauma of being flooded, or even of being under the threat of flooding, can be immense.

Long-term impacts can arise due to chronic illnesses and the stress associated with being flooded and the lengthy recovery process.

The flooding Crisis response

The ability of people to respond and recover from a flood can vary. Vulnerable people, people with a disability or those who have a long-term illness, are typically less able to cope with floods than others.

Some people may have difficulty replacing household items damaged in a flood and may lack the financial means to recover and maintain acceptable living conditions after a flood.

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Floods can cause crisis in communities as well as individuals through the temporary, but sometimes prolonged, loss of community services or infrastructure, such as schools, health services, community centres or amenities.

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