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Infamous Password Haunts ODM In Kibra Nominations As More Residents Lament


The Orange Democratic Nominations today morning kicked off to a slow start with major issues stemming from the long wait of password and jammed internet.

Voting started late in many polling stations causing agitated voters to start protesting following the long wait.

“We have been waiting here since 6 am morning and nothing is happening here. We have left our jobs as women to come nominate our candidate, can ODM do something,” one woman lamented.

Party officials claimed that they were still waiting for the infamous ODM password from the headquarters.

“Returning Officers is yet to arrive with the password, the party had not even erected tents at the DC grounds. Why are they taking us for granted?” the women lamented.


A small scuffle ensued at the Raila Education Center after voters accused some agents of giving nonparty officials tags to skip the queues.

The scuffle resulted to near fists prompting police officers to move swiftly and restore calmness.

“We should all be treated equally. Why are some party officials giving some voters tags to skip the line?” the posed.