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Introducing Bensoul’s Girlfriend Noni


Sol Generation signee Bensoul is one man who has managed to keep his love life under wraps for ever since he joined the industry.

In the recent Sol generation Docu-series fans finally got to meet Bensoul’s first lady Noni.

The lass who was featured on the episode revealed they had met at a friend’s party after talking on social media for quite some time.

“We met at an enjoyment as usual. He was going to meet his friends who had come from Embu and I was attending a friend’s party. We had been talking on social media for sometime so that day I spotted him walking behind me and I went and tapped him. We talked, exchanged numbers and we ended up having a good night. This guy texted me five days later to ask me if I got home safe.” She said

She went on to add that dating an artiste has not been easy but she has learnt to separate his job from his real personality.

‘Dating an artiste is not easy but you have to know how to differentiate between showbiz and real life. Like when Bensoul goes on stage, It is not easy but I always tell him to forget I am there like if a lady comes and wants to dance with him he should go ahead and do it but it should not go past there.’ She added

The couple has been dating for the past one year.