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Irate parents want woman who hosted drinking party for youth in Seme arrested

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Irate parents in Seme constituency in Kisumu County want the authorities to take action against the a woman who allegedly hosted over 30 youths in her house for a birthday party in total disregard of the Covid-19 protocols.

The party goers who include school going children were found in her house drinking alcohol, smoking bhang and engaging in sexual activities.

Eunice Odhiambo, the owner of the house says that she was asleep in her house when she heard the police banging her house.

Odhiambo says that she then tried to inquire what was going on but did not get any proper response.

“One of the police officers scaled the wall of my house and came through the ceiling to my bedroom. That is when i opened the door,” said Odhiambo.

Some of the youths hid in the ceiling in a bid to escape police arrest.

“I was so shocked to find my daughter in the party, dressed very skimpily. I had to borrow money from the market to bail her out of police station,” said one of the parents.

The host of the party was arrested by police officers but was later released.






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