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  • Athletes neglected
  • Azziad, in particular was at the center of attention since her appointment to the council.

Sports cabinet secretary Ababu Namwamba has found himself in the eye of a growing storm of controversy as accusations of mismanagement within the Ministry continue to make headlines.

Nandi senator Samson Cherargei has on a number of occasions accused the CS of mismanagement in the ministry. Recently he took to twitter to accuse sports ministry officials of extravagant travel alleging that they brought their girlfriends along to the Olympics in Budapest, Hungary at the expense of the country’s top sports representatives.

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“I echo [the] sentiments of Hon. Ichungwa Majority Leader National Assembly that CS Ababu continues to mismanage into oblivion our beloved sports. How can ministry officials fly first class with their girlfriends to Olympics Budapest, Hungary at the expense of our athletes? “

He tweeted.

“Our female athletes being exploited sexually & economically! Parliament must summon CS sports to avert disastrous mismanagement of our sports!”

UDA, Athletes Effect

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwa has also called for Namwamba to appear before parliament.

Ichungwa raised concerns about the reception of 25 athletes returning from the Special Olympics games held from June 15 to 25.

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“You are not made a Cabinet Secretary to fly flags on the streets, push and bulldoze your way through traffic with Subaru escorts. You are a Cabinet Secretary to serve the people. If you were made the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Sports, you must serve sportsmen and women of this country, our best ambassadors,”

He said

He claimed that the hardworking athletes were not given the treatment they deserved upon their return and pointed to broader issues of mistreatment of sportsmen and women who had represented the nation admirably.

Namwamba’s troubles didn’t end there, National assembly deputy speaker Gladys Shollei also added to the chorus of criticism questioning Namwamba’s handling of the ministry.

Shollei revealed that she had personally hosted champions from renowned marathons in Boston and London, citing the ministry’s failure to provide them with a proper reception.

Azziad Effect

She also highlighted the Talanta Hela app, which was launched to promote youth creativity and talent but appears to have faded.

“The other day when our team went to Tunisia for the beach games they were wearing fake sports uniforms, knockoffs from Riveroad. If you look at the team that went to Trinidad and Tobago they were also wearing fake uniforms. It just asks you by the time a country reaches a point where our athletes are wearing fake uniforms there is really something wrong.”

she said.

Few months ago Namwamba did revoke the appointments of Tik toker Azziad Nasenya, singer’s Akothee and Wahu and comedian Churchill from Talanta Hela council that only added fuel to the fire.

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Azziad, in particular, has been the center of attention since her appointment to the council.

In February Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya criticized Namwamba for appointing Azziad to creative committee saying he was trying to impress the content creator.

“Ababu Namwamba what exactly attracted you to this lady to get confused to use government platforms to impress her.Wacha kuangusha luhyas in government hii kitu ungefaulu tu bila hizi zote.when I call Ababu as an MP for serious engagement he can’t pick calls but he is quick for this nonsense,”

he tweeted.

Speculations and discussions arose when she was spotted wearing matching shoes with Cabinet Secretary Namwamba during a trip to Dubai.

But while responding to the allegations with you tuber Vincent Mboya, She brushed off the allegations, stating that she is accustomed to trending and that such attention doesn’t faze her.

“People should notice that until now, people talk but I still keep moving, I keep soaring. I keep getting to heights that I never knew would get to. God already said yes and when he does no one can say otherwise no matter who you are,”

she said.

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