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Is Czars of “Amka Ukatike” Hit Alive and Back To Making Music?


CzarsThere has been a cloud of confusion and suspense amongst Kenyans over the past two days after an Instagram handle under the name @Czarskenya hinted that the “Amka Ukatike” singer , one Czars is alive and ready to make q musical comeback.

Czar is one of Kenya’s veteran musician who disappeared over a decade ago over unclear circumstances. Many of his loyal fans believe he was kidnapped and killed. Others strongly believed that he intentionally disappeared to the Middle East where he does petty jobs for a living. All said, the faith in his parents is stronger than you can imagine as his mother and dad are convinced he is not dead.

The post that read;

Yess,Am Back,Czars Is Back 
New Music Video Dropping this September #Tangu. Mark the Dates. After A Long Time Passing through a lot of intimidation Rejection , desperation Am Dropping It …,” has stirred mixed reactions whether or not that was the real Czar behind the account or an imposter.

Only time will tell if we have our Czars back or not.

Check out the post below;