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Is Diamond’s Wasafi Records on its death bed amidst mass exodus?


By Annette Amondi

The year kicked off with allegations that Diamond Platnumz’s second in command Harmonize had ditched the music giant.

The rumor started after Harmonize’s name was left out of the 2019 Wasafi Festival’s entertainers list.

Diamond at the time claimed that the reason Harmonize missed on the list was because he was fully booked.

When Harmonize also missed the US tour with Diamond, the Wasafi C.E.O claimed he had missed his visa.

“Wakati mwingine mambo ya visa yanatokea, ndio hivyo, tukipata tunaenda tukikosa sawa tu. Lakini tunaamini show zinazofuata kila dancers wangu watatakiwa kuwepo naye atakuwepo,” said Diamond

Months later it became public that Harmonize had indeed ditched the record label and formed his own label under the tag Konde gang.

The move brought bad blood between the two former allies with Diamond going out to bad mouth Harmonize at every chance he gets.

And just before the dust settled on Harmonize’s story, news broke that Rayvanny may also be considering a move.

Vannyboy however came out to rubbish the allegations saying that it is still early for him to exit the label.

At the time he said working under WCB Wasafi has made him a star, in a span of three years and he trusts their leadership skills and the way the handle things.

Two months later it has emerged that Vannyboy may infact be having issues with the management at Wasafi records.

According to word doing rounds, Rayvanny has been having issues with how Wasafi Festival is planned and executed.

Vannyboy is allegedly not happy with the fact that the Wasafi Festival has never been hosted at his hometown in Mbea despite the fact that the Caravan has been moving around the country and at one point even being hosted in Kenya.

Lavalava also hinted that he may hand in his resignation at Wasafi records when the time is right.

Lava Lava recently told journalists that he’s already working on leaving the label to start his own called Bite Gang which will focus on nurturing young talent.

During Wasafi Festival in Moshi, Lava Lava revealed that Bite Gang will also be launching their own studio soon.

The Bite Gang has already signed its own DJs and producers, and the singer says that he will sign new artists after Bite Gang studio is fully stabilized.

So is Diamond really losing his big three?

In 2018, singer Rich Mavoko ditched the label saying he felt the music power house was doing very little to promote his career.

The exit was so nasty that the singer and his former boss Diamond embroiled in a nasty back and forth forcing Tanzania Music Regulatory Board BASATA, to intervene.

Rich Mavoko reached out to Basata to report misgivings with his contract and wanted to be advised on how he can opt out without being taken to court for breach of contract.

Mavoko is said to have complained of constant pressure from the label to release several songs without taking a break. He also claimed his contract with Wasafi was exploitative and thus hurting him.

So is this the downfall of the much hyped Wasafi records? Time will tell