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  • Harmonize has regretted spending millions of money on women sending signals of bankruptcy.
  • He’s planning to lay it bear on October 14, 2023 during a concert.
  • He’s not in a relationship but has set his eyes on an unknown woman.

Is Harmonize broke? That’s the question everyone is asking after the Konde Gang boss regretted spending his money on women.

Taking to Instagram stories, Harmonize rued his past decisions revealing that he will be opening further on what people don’t know.

Harmonize narrated how he spent quite a good fortune on a foreign woman.

He added that if the same money had been given to a Tanzanian woman to invest she’d be miles away.

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At that time,  Harmonize did this out of self love little did he know that he was messing big time.

However, for Harmonize to accomplish these, he would have to be drunk huh!

All this will be happening on October 14th, 2023 during his concert.


Nimepitia visa na mikasa mingi sana ya kimahusiano 2023  mnavyovifahamu na msivyo muda na pesa nilizowekeza kwenye mahusiano ingalikuwa nampatia mwanamke wa kitanzania bila shaka tungeshakuwa na dada mjasiriamali bora Tanzania ama ningewekeza kwenye kiyu kingine katika uwekezaji wangu chenye thamani ila niliamini katika furaha yangu…Inategemea nitalewa kiasi gani” he wrote partly.

Rwandese flame Yolo The Queen PHOTO Courtesy


Eyeing an unknown woman

Through yet another post, Harmonize opens up on his relationship status.

He maintained that he’s single.

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However, he disclosed that there’s a woman he has set his eyes on.

The said woman has all the qualities of his ideal woman.

If so it happens that the woman will agree to his wish, they’ll settle down.

“Sipo kwenye mahusiano ila kuna mtoto nampenda sana akisema ‘yes’ naoa kabisa she’s my dream girl, ndoto yangu ilikuwa to get married” he stated partly.

From being with Frida Kajala, to sending signals of dating Rwandese flame, Yolo The Queen and Uganda’s Laika.

We’re now waiting for Harmonize to introduce his new queen.



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