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Is Harmonize’s solo career going down the drain?



Bongo star Rajab Kahali popularly known as Harmonize has faced different obstacles since ditching Diamond’s WCB to go solo.

The singer has on different occasions been accused of sampling music beats without permission from the original owners.

First it was Kenyan producer Magix Enga who called out the singer for sampling his beats for his jam ‘Uno’ then came veteran bongo sensation Mr. Nice who also claimed Harmonized sampled the beats to his popular song ‘Kingast” without asking him.

As it seems, things may not be going all too well for the Bongo star.

Last week, Harmonize’s producer Bonga revealed in a press briefing that he was ditching the singer for greener pastures.

Bonga who has worked with Harmonize for just six months, revealed that he had gotten a slot at another record label known as Lykos Empire.

Bonga revealed that there was no issue between him and the singer and that his departure was an agreement between him and Harmonize.

Harmonize later took to social media to wish Bonga well even as he went to his new work place.

“Congrats bro on your new record deal. Go make me proud! @officialbongas. It’s time to shine, celebrate more, produce more music and make money,” he wrote

In the same week, Harmonize was also forced to cancel his show in Mbeya just hours before the show started.

The singer went on a social media rant saying that defense forces stormed the venue and forced his team to pull down the set up.

“Saaa 3:45, nipo hapa Tuhgimbe Hoteli; Mbeya, nikijiandaa,” he commenced off his rant. Kuelekea uwanjani kwa ajili ya show, jeshi la ulinzi na usalama limeingiza magari hapa uwanjani na kuamuru show isiendelee. Kiukweli nimebaki mdomo wazi na siwezi kuingilia taratibu za usalama, ingawa sijabahatika kupewa sababu ni nini. Nichukue fursa hii kuwaomba radhi mashabiki ndugu zangu waliopoteza muda wao na kujazana hapa uwanjani, Licha ya pesa walizo lipa…Naomba niishie hapa…!!!” he said

In october 2019, Harmonize revealed that he paid Diamond Platnumz’s WCB Tsh500 million (Ksh22.5 million) to be allowed to leave the company.

He said that his contract with Wasafi demanded that should he leave the outfit before his 15-year-agreement with the label ends, then he will be required to pay the firm Ksh22.5 million.

In December, the singer revealed that he had cleared his dues with WCB and now owned the rights to his songs.