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Is Justin Bieber Set To Replace Paul Walker on Fast and Furious 8 or is it a Hoax? (Video)


fastThere is a  hilarious and interesting rumor of the movie series Fast and Furious 8 that is doing rounds on social media. Apparently, Fast and Furious 8 is reportedly bringing in several new actors to join the cast of the highly anticipated installment, including Justin Bieber and Cody Walker. A new report revealed that the “Love Yourself” singer will be playing Sean Boswell’s (Lucas Black) race buddy.

According to Movie Pilot, apart from Charlize Theron, Cara Delevigne, and Matt Damon, Justin Bieber will also be part of the Fast and Furious 8 cast. Although his role is yet to be confirmed, insiders believed that he will be introduced as Sean’s friend, who is expected to become the “new Brian O’ Conner.”

The outlet further reported that Cody Walker will not be stepping in for his late brother, Paul Walker, in Fast and Furious 8. It is, however, said that Paul’s character will still be in the movie, perhaps in the form of a flashback. Justin Bieber will allegedly play a pivotal role in the franchise. While he will not be able to replace Paul’s Brian O’Conner entirely, the singer is set to play a major role in the next Fast and Furious movie.

However the news that Justin Bieber is set to star in the next movie is based on no source whatsoever. In fact the rumour was started by a popular fake news website called National Report who likely got the idea from a previous hoax created by Hollywood Life that falsely claimed Justin Bieber would appear in Fast & Furious 7 – (they even made a fake trailer which you can watch below).


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