In Summary
  • Kelvin Kiptum wins the Chicago Marathon in a new world record of 2:00:35.
  • He breaks Eliud Kipchoge’s record of 2:01:09
  • He also becomes the first person to run under 2:01:00 

23-year-old Kenyan Kelvin Kiptum has broken the marathon world record clocking 2:00:35 at the just-held Chicago Marathon. By this achievement, he also became the first person to finish the marathon under 2:01:00.

“I knew I would one day break the world record but never thought it would be today. A world record was not in my mind.” Kelvin Kiptum revealed with excitement.

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Is Kiptum Eliud Kipchoge’s replacement?

The marathon world record was held by the great Eliud Kipchoge at 2:01:09. He set the record in September 2022 Berlin Marathon and has since dominated the long-distance race.

The most spectacular dominance by the legend was a non-competitive INEOS sponsored challenge which he finished at 1:59:40:2. He ran at an average speed of 21kph.

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Eliud Kipchoge wins the 2023 Berlin Marathon for the 5th time. PHOTO Courtesy


Kipchoge’s latest race was in Germany where he won the Berlin Marathon at 2:02:42, becoming the first man to win it 5 times.

Today Kelvin Kiptum has made history by becoming the first person in history to run under 2:01, breaking Kipchoge’s record at 2:00.35.

Kelvin Kiptum is Eliud Kipchoge’s replacement unless Kipchoge smashes this record which is unlikely at his age.  He is now 38 years old, while Kiptum is only 23 years old and could achieve even more.

“I saw the time in front of me. I felt good inside, and I said to myself let me try, maybe I can run under 2:00.” an elated Kiptum said.

Kelvin Kiptum achievements

Kelvin Kiptum wins the 2023 Chicago Marathon, breaking the World Record. PHOTO Courtesy.


In his debut at the Valencia Marathon, he ran the fastest becoming the third man in history to break 2:02:00.

In his next debut in the 2023 London Marathon, he missed the record by only 16 seconds finishing at 2:01:25

In the just concluded Chicago Marathon he has shattered the record at 2:00:35.

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At the age of 18, he won the Eldoret half marathon held in Kenya at 1:02:01. He followed this by a personal best of 59:54 in the Lisbon Half marathon, finishing 5th.

These were the two major races that shaped his career, making consistent improvements to today’s world record.

October 8, 2023

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