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  • Lava lava seems to be the undisputed East African King of ‘Heartbreak songs’ judging from his display.
  • His breakthrough song ‘Tuachane’ done 6 years ago to his recent collabo with Wasafi newest signee, D Voice on ‘Turudiane’ is a testament of his niche.
  • Netizens have since opined that Lava lava should stick on that line as it brings out the best in him.

Bongo sensation Lava lava is arguably the undisputed King of ‘Heartbreak Songs’ judging from his great display.

From his breakthrough song, Tuachane done barely 6 years ago to his recent collabo with Wasafi newest signee, D Voice on ‘Turudiane’ is a testament of his niche.

The song ‘Tuachane’ has since amassed a whooping 21 Million views on You Tube and still counting.

So good is Lava lava that his videos also depict a man truly defeated by love.

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He owns, wears and brings out ‘heartbreak emotions’ through his dramatization.

“Bora tuachane (bora tuachane siwezi) bora tuachane yamenishinda mapenzi, nimeona bora tuachane (bora tuachane) yamenishinda mapenzi” he sings partly in Tuachane.

Another song showing Lava lava’s ‘Heartbreak touch’ is the song dubbed ‘Inatosha’ done two years ago.

In the song, Lava lava narrates another heartbreak stint affirming being single.

“Mapenzi ya siku hizi unatuma message mchana anajibu usiku, unatuma message usiku anajibu mchana, unatuma message mchana anajibu usiku mapenzi unamwona online anachati na kukujibu hataki anaposti yuko kwa party na marafiki sasa niko single naenjoy” he sings partly.

The same trend goes on and on in other of his songs such as  ‘Wale Wale’ and ‘Basi Tu’ a collabo with Mbosso among others.

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Fans Reactions

Following Lava lava’s newest collabo with D Voice fans have since opined that Lava lava holds the mantle for ‘King Of Heartbreaks’.

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We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Lava lava is good at heartbreak songs!!! whoever hurt him did justice to music industry”

“If heartbreak was a person Lava lava would be the exact person man anapigwa character development”

“Whoever is breaking the heart of Lava lava should continue breaking please for us to get such beautiful songs”

“Whoever broke your heart should be thanked coz you qualify for it”

“Ukiwa heartbroken cheza yake moja you will cry a river”

However, despite excelling in heartbreak songs, Lava lava also performs exceptionally well in other storylines.

Do you believe Lava lava is the undisputed ‘King of Heartbreaks?’

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November 23, 2023

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