Let’s explore the reasons why many believe that William Ruto could be the worst president Kenya has ever seen.

In Summary:

• President William Ruto’s approval ratings seem to have dwindled in the past one year.

• Corruption implications that seem to have tarnished Ruto’s squeaky clean image.

As the path towards economic growth carries on, having William Ruto as president has generated significant debate and division among the population.

Kenya’s 5th President William Samoei Ruto

Even though some view him as a champion for the common mwananchi, others seem concerned about his leadership and the consequences for Kenya.

Ruto’s Unclear Vision

President Ruto’s “bottom-up” economic model, while appealing to some, lacks detailed plans and concrete policy proposals.

Ruto during his campaign at Nyayo Stadium/Photo Courtesy

This has left many Kenyans questioning his ideas and the credibility of his pledges.

Ruto’s political messaging has often been regarded as empty promises by some. Others still hold his word to high regarding reassuring doubting Kenyans that Ruto may yet keep his word.

Corruption Allegations

One of the most significant concerns surrounding Ruto’s presidency is the cloud of corruption. These allegations seem to have followed him throughout his political career.

Ruto eating some roasted maize/Photo Courtesy

From cases such as the Maize Scandal and the Weston Hotel land controversy, Ruto’s name has been tarnished with corruption allegations. Such allegations usually inspire distrust and lack of confidence in the government. But not for the Hustler in chief, he became president after all.

Ethnic and Divisive Politics

Ruto’s political strategy has often been criticized for its lack of on ethnic diversity.

In the past, this approach has undermined national unity and led to violence, as Kenya has tragically experienced in the past.

William Ruto during a session at The ICC/Photo Courtesy

The International Criminal Court (ICC) case against Ruto (which was later dropped) raised questions about his involvement in the ’07 – ’08 post-election violence. While the case did not lead to a conviction, it left a shadow of doubt over his role during that dark period in Kenyan history.

Impromptu Taxation

In the course of his juvenile reign, Kenyans seem to be cornered with taxes left right and centre. In addition to the new port luggage tax & housing levy, citizens are now expected to pay tripple to visit local game reserves.

Citizens celebrate after Ruto is announced the winner of the 2022 presidential elections.

The renewal/replacement of identification documents which was rather affordable for kenyans from all walks of life will now be an unaffordable endeavour for some. Not to mention the price of fuel which gradually rises almost quarterly.

Some argue that Ruto’s rise to power represents a break from Kenya’s political elite. Others seem to think Ruto doesn’t have the best interests of his “hustlers” at heart. What do you think? Rudi Nyumbani.

November 9, 2023

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