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  • Viagra claims have yet to be substantiated.
  • Majority of Uji Power vendors deny adding any undisclosed ingredients to the porridge.

Some Kenyans have taken to Twitter to allege that Nairobi city’s beloved Traditional drink aka Uji Power might be secretly spiked with Viagra.

The claims emerged after a Twitter user by the name Juma G questioned the reasons behind the growing cult following of the popular porridge.

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“Something called Uji Power (pawa) has become very popular in Nairobi, among men… Now even hawked in bars and restaurants… Kwani what makes it tick?”

She tweeted.

“Some vendor’s lace it with Viagra I overheard,”

@RapemoMourice replied

“Blue pills,”

@its-mureithi said.

“Viagra in it,”

@othengo2kochola alleged

“That thing is mixed with Viagra,”

@bena-mukuria said.

What is Uji Power?

Uji Power, a staple traditional drink enjoyed by many in Nairobi, has been at the center of a brewing controversy as Netizens speculate about its supposed potency.

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 The drink is often spotted being consumed by men and women as early as 7 am at various locations across the Nairobi Central Business District and office spaces.

The drink is usually served in large calabashes or plastic cups at a cost of 50 shillings.

The porridge is known for its energy-boosting properties and is prepared using a mix of ingredients, including groundnuts or peanut butter, milk, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, cassava, arrowroots, sugar, and honey.

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Allegations of Viagra being added to the porridge have sparked intense debate, with individuals sharing their perspectives on the matter.

Proponents of the claim point to the beverage’s swift rise in popularity and it’s seemingly rejuvenating effects on consumers, especially men.

However, these claims have yet to be substantiated, and the majority of Uji Power vendors deny adding any undisclosed ingredients to the porridge.

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