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Is Zari Desperate?!!?! How Diamond Fooled Zari After He Allegedly Slept With “Salome” Video Vixen. (Pics)


zariI was literally burning with time anxiety to have this particular series of drama. Unfortunately, since Thursday last week to date ….so much has happened sijui i start with “Zari being allegedly kicked out by Ex- husband”, “Zari finds earring in her bedroom,” “Diamond platnumz buys Zari a new house after being  allegedly kicked out by ex hubby,” ” Meet Hamisa Mobeto, the woman suspected to have left her earrings on Diamond and Zari’s bedroom”……damn, I have so much to say about this.

Well, I follow or rather stalk these people (celebs) on all their social media platforms. (Takes a sip)….that’s my job and business anyway.

Apparently, I think Zari is desperate and I will tell you why.

Barely a week ago, Diamond dropped a new video featuring Ray Vanny dubbed “Salome”- a rendition of Saida Karoli’s “Chambua Kama Karanga”. So on the video Chibu featured Tanzania’s most beautiful woman, one Hamisa Mobeto.

The Drama began, after the video, Diamond is rumored to have bedded the award winning actress and intentionally left her earrings in his matrimonial bedroom. All this time Zari was in South Africa and only came back when her Ex husband Ivan allegedly threatened to kick her out of his house.

Upon seeing the earrings, Zari took to her snapchat to blast Hamisa , “You Cant clean my bedroom, I wonder whether you clean your p**ts” ….then what, you guessed right, Hamisa responded. The response wasn’t anything close to polite and Zari went wild.

Diamond was in hot soup all this through, but his money saved him. Well, since he knew Zari had issues with her ex hubby over the house, he took to that advantage to cover up his dirty linens by buying her a mansion worth over 100 Million Kshs.

His antics are cool, he then remembered it was her birthday week….so he cancelled all the shows (If there were any) and dubbed the just recently ended weekend #ZarinaZanzibarWeekend.

Isn’t this nigga smart?? Which woman won’t shut up when bought a 100m house in your country of choice, an expensive birthday weekend amidst cheating allegations?? …..Hata mimi nitacheza chini walai.

Well all said, Zari is a keeper but Hamisa Mobeto Is HOOOOOOT.Hotter than….check her out;

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