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In summary

  • Diana B pleads with Kibe’s Ex wife to take him back
    •Fans feel Diana B is out of order on Kibe’s Ex wife
    •Kibe Downplays being broke

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua popularly known as Diana B is leaving nothing to chance as she battles You Tuber and former radio host Andrew Kibe in a ‘gloves off fight ‘

In her latest attack directed at Kibe, Diana B shared photos of Andrew Kibe with his former wife and pleaded with the enstranged woman to go back to Kibe in a bid to ‘cool him off’ for the sake of Diana B’s peace and other married couples that Kibe has been constantly trolling.

“Question of the day: Who hurt Andrew Kifeiliaa???

If this Lady in this photo is the one that heart broke this failed ex Radio presenter..we beg her amrudie because sisi wengine tunaumia juu ya hio Divorce 🤣🤣🤣How can Kifee be hating on all married people??? Is this even Normal???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Priiissssss Priiissssss let’s all come together and beg Kibe’s allegedly Ex Wife to go back to him.Kifeee amechoka kunyonga monkey sasa atajinyonga🤣🤣🤣🤣” Diana B Stated scornfully

Fans Reactions

Following Diana’s scathing attack,a section of netizens have advised her to let go off Kibe’s former wife.

“I honestly wish you didn’t have to bring the lady in this.That girl is probably living her quiet life.Raising her children or something.she’s a lady just like you.she hasn’t done anything wrong.Hata hajakukosea jamani.sijui kwa nini umemuingiza kwa vita vyako na Kibe😒😒😒” read one comment

“But the lady is innocent yaye 😂😂😂😂😂mambo Imechemka 😂😂😂😂Diana B ameamua” flew another comment

However, others took a backseat and are watching how all this will end.

“Popcorns anyone 🍿🍿Hii ata sio kuchemka! Imeungua@diama_marua😂😂😂” wrote one fan

Just a fortnight ago,Diana B had taken to her Instagram where she called out Andrew Kibe for being broke, The socialite turned rapper maintained that Kibe prefers to insult her in seeking relevance.

“Andrew Kibe aki mbona unapenda kunitukana na vile wewe ni maskini…😂😂😂Just discovered that without mentioning Diana B! this jamaa will have no career 😂😂😂issorait” Diana B stated unapologetically.

Kibe Flaunts His Mercedes Benz

In his response to Diana B,Kibe affirms that the former was trying to get her attention.Kibe’s video kicks off with Diana B’s song playing in the background before it’s shoved to the trash can as he addresses her as ‘Shosh’ which loosely translates to, Grandma.

“So shosh went out there and she’s trying to get my attention by telling me that am broke,it doesn’t matter ” He scoffed partly

Kibe further reveals that he’s content with what he has and doesn’t give a damn what Diana B thinks.

The no nonsense You Tuber retreats to his Mercedes Benz S 550 series and details it’s magnificent features with the car bearing customized plates inked ‘Kifeee’

As he nears flaunting the whip,he terms Diana B’s sentiments as rubbish.

“Where the car is going is where the lights turn to… ikona double sun roof,ikona executive sitting uko nyuma, factory tint, sport mode, ikona economy mode,rain mode we unanishow nini wewe,wewe unanishow nini” barked Kibe partly.

Truly speaking, the prize of a Mercedes Benz S 550 is not child’s play it ranges from $6,950 to $120,490.With the current dollar exchange rate this is good money!Do the math.

Who do you think will win this duel? Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.


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