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It’s Hard Breaking Into The Mainstream Industry Laments Upcoming Star, Yang Beezy


Up and coming artist Kevin Wandera also known as Yang Beezy has shared his myriad of challenges in breaking into the mainstream world of Kenyan entertainment.

Starting out in  2017 after clearing O Levels education, His main challenge was financial constraints as music requires funds in production of the audios and videos. “My music journey nilianza 2017 ila haijakuwa rahisi jinsi nilivyotegemea ingalikuwa, nilianza mziki nikiwa peke yangu by which nilifanya collabo kwanza kwa ajili hela haikuwepo kwa sababu nilikuwa nimemaliza kidato cha nne” Said Yang Beezy.

Setting Up A Group

The development saw him merging up with two other talented artist’s in coming up a trio dubbed ‘The Beat’ in aiding cost sharing. After there nilipatana na rafiki tukaungana tukatengeneza group moja jina The Beat, ya watu tatu. However, the group was faced with lack of funds and had to take 8 to 9 months in sourcing for production funds.” Changamoto tunazopitia ni kukosa hela kuingia studio, kurecord video inahitaji so unapata wimbo moja tunaichangia video for almost 8-9 months ili tuweze kufanya video”. He Stated. Another major challenge they have encountered is lack of proper marketing and getting their music played in the mainstream media due to lack of network. “Marketing pia imekuwa imekuwa tatizo sababu kufikisha mziki kwenye radio station ama T.v sio rahisi bila connections” He added.


Eking Out A Living In The Jua Kali Sector

Yang Beezy (Middle) with his gang ‘The Beat’ PHOTO/COURTESY

To get things running,the upcoming Star works in the informal sector known as ‘Jua Kali’ where he deals in mixing paints which is later sold to spray painters.”Kikazi nafanya jua kali, namix rangi za kupaka kwa magari nikiwauzia mechanics.” Said Yang Beezy. With the determination he has so far recorded 11 songs,one song as a solo artist with the rest being collaborations,the songs are Dondosa and Special Love among others.

Future Dreams

He dreams of taking the African continent by storm, locally he’s inspired by Otile Brown, Mejja, Nadia Mukami and gospel Singer Guardian Angel. Internationally he looks up to Chris Brown.

By Steve Osaka