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“It’s normal sibling issues’ Mercy Kyalo addresses beef with Betty Kyalo

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Betty Kyalo’s sister Mercy Kyalo has been forced to respond to allegations she is not in good terms with her sister.

Kenyans have been asking questions regarding their relationship after noticing Mercy Kyalo missed her sister’s Flair By Betty launch recently.

The two have been fond of posting each other on social media, seem to have taken a hiatus from their social media bromance.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Mercy who did not reveal much about her current relationship with her sister Betty said that she has been receiving messages from fans on the same.

She went on to say that brotherhood is complicated and brothers and sisters often have disagreements.

“Ukweli ni najua tuko na mashabaki wengi Kenya hii na unapata mashabiki wanatuandikia hata DM wanatuambia msikosane but nilisema ntasema tu kidogo. Maneno ya undugu ni nyingi sana na sisi wote tuko na ndugu, n ahata marafiki wanajua tu wapendanao ni wao wakosanao pia. Ni maneno ya undugu,” she said.

She further added that she is very proud of her sister’s current achievement even if people may not see it.

“I am so happy for my sister hata yeye mwenyewe anajua mahali ako, I’m so happy and hata nyumbani we are so happy for one another and all our wins na huwa sisi wote tunasupportiana all through… Ukiangalia familia kutoka nje na ukiangalia kutoka ndani, ni vitu tofauti kabisa. Familia kutoka ndani watu wako na wewe kila siku support si ile siku ya mwisho… support comes in so many ways,” she added



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