They say that time is the best remedy for a broken heart, but for Kenyan content creator Georgina Njenga this is not the case and the mom of one has served her fans with tips on how to heal a broken heart.

It is via her Instagram stories that the young mom noted that finding a new partner after a heartbreak takes away the pain, this being a true definition of the phrase ‘Kuoga na kurudi soko’.

“It’s not time that heals a broken heart, it’s a new man sister,” Georgina wrote in the video that she posted on Instagram.

Georgina’s eyebrow raising advice comes just a few days after the beauty admitted that she is ready to give marriage a try months after parting ways with former Machachari star Tyler Mbaya.

Last week on Thursday, Georgina engaged her fans in a Q&A session on Instagram where she opened up about various issues amongst them her love life.

In one of the questions, she was asked  if she is thinking of getting married again after a failed union with Baha.

“Will you ever get married again?? Or give birth again?” one fan asked.

In her response, she hinted that she plans to try marriage again in the future but is not quite sure about having more babies.

“Married, yes .. about children, no. But you never know in life,” Georgina replied.

When asked about her preference between being married and single, she noted that both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

“Between married life and single life which one dd u prefer”  read the question from one fan. To which Georgina answered saying, “Zote ziko na disadvantages chose your struggle wisely” .

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