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  • White Angel sells his CD’s during traffic jams on Nairobi’s major roads
  • He ventured into music after injuring his right arm while working at a car wash
  • He looks forward to recording his music in major record labels and collaborating with renowned star’s

You’ve probably spotted him dressed up like an angel in flowing attires hovering from one vehicle to the other during traffic snarl ups on major roads in the city beckoning motorist’s to buy his music.

This is none other than Philip Gachagua popularly known as White Angel.

He coined his stage name through his love for the white color and his dressing which people said was angelic.

“White is my favorite color and angel came from my dressings which people told me zinakaa za malaika” He said

During his interview with Ghetto Radio News Team,he affirmed that it’s profitable selling  music during traffic jams as he’s able to reach out to potential customers within a short period and without breaking much sweat.

Former Street Urchin

White Angel is a former street kid who was taken in by a good samaritan who worked as a mason.

As the saying goes,’If you go to Rome,Do what the Romans do’,White Angel learned the ropes of masonry and became perfect at it.

However,it was short-lived as due to his young age no one was willing to offer him work and life became unbearable.

“Kabla sijaanza mziki nilikuwa street boy nikapatana na jamaa mmoja alikuwa fundi wamijengo akanipeleka kwake nikaishi na yeye,hapo ndipo nilianza kazi ya mijengo hadi nikawa fundi wamijengo.Na kwa ajili wa umri wangu mdogo so kazi kupata ilikuwa shida kwangu na maisha yalizidi kuwa magumu,” he narrated.

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Car Wash Stint

To make ends meet,White Angel began working at a car wash.

It was from this new job that he injured his right arm after a car he was cleaning veered off it’s way landing on his arm.

“Nilitafuta kazi nyingine nikapata ya kuosha magari,siku moja nikiwa kazini gari iliteguka ikanifinyisha mkono kwenye ukuta na ikanivunja mkono wa kulia nikawekwa chuma” He continued

This saw him embark on his singing as a street performer and he was able to produce his first album.

Despite peddling CD’s having it’s set of challenges, White Angel is determined to making it big someday.

Some motorist’s hide their phones fearing being snatched, others sneer at him while others roll up their window screens snobbing him completely.

He looks forward to recording his music in established record labels, releasing videos as well as collaborating with with renowned star’s.

Some of his music include;Duniani kunawaka nare,Thande ciawe wedo and Wedo wofudhii among others.

His social media handles are YouTube, White Angel, Instagram phillipo glass and TikTok P42 White Angel.

By Steve Osaka

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