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“I’ve declined Koffi Olomide’s offer for two years” Vera Sidika’s texts leak online


Comedian Shaffie Chemasuet popularly known as Ajaabu comedian has revealed how his efforts to feature Vera Sidika on his skits have proven difficult.

Speaking to a local publication, Ajaabu narrated how the controversial socialite asked to be paid ksh. 300K just to appear in the short skit

According to comedian he previously just had a budget of Ksh.10,000 which upon sharing with Vera, left him searching for more cash.

He tried persuading Vera to concider his offer or at least lower her price rate but she hit him with no.

Vera told the comedian how she has turned down Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide for two years in a row.

“I’ve declined even being in koffi olimide’s music video for 2 years now. And last week, j blessing called to ask me again that he wants me in it.” she said

In a separate text, the comedian tells Vera that her appearance will not be in vain since he has well over 100k subscribers on Youtube but she simply responds with “Good for you”

“We talk (sic) about video and you said u want 300k can you make 100k. What is last, at least nitafute, please. By the way, i have 112k subscribers my channel.” he said