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Jackline Mwende Explains Why She Cheated On Her Husband

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Having persevered for 7 years in marriage without a child must have been difficult for Jackline Mwende and her husband Stephen Ngila Nthenge the two acting the way they did.

Jackline Mwende was first known to Kenya on July 2016 when word went out that her husband had cruelly chopped off her limbs for child bearing incapacitation.

Remember her now??? Well, Jackline is now pregnant with another man’s child.

Apparently, the same way her husband’s desperation to have a child led him to harming her, Mwende’s desperation led her to straying from her marriage and cheating on her husband for the obvious reasons…..she wanted to save her marriage.

During a recent media interview, the 28- year old admitted to having a discreet affair with a friend who sired her unborn child. She further disclosed that she conceived just a day before her husband attacked her after he learnt of her Safari to Machakos on July 23rd 2016.

It emerged, well from her confessions that she met her transgressions after the husband learnt of her mission in Machakos after her neigbors set her up.

Apparently she had gone to Machakos to meet her secret lover who sought anonymity as they had agreed to move separate ways once she conceives.

“I wanted a child. I was desperate and it is that yearning… and probably the devil too… that made me stray out of my marriage. But I did it so as to save my marriage.” Jackline told the Nation.

In a way or another, Jackline’s plight just turned to ber her set of blessing in disguise story. She has since found favor and enjoyed so much just to mention, a fully paid surgery to get her plastic limbs, enough capital to start a business venture and a house.

Well, God works in mysterious ways. This one a perfect example. Check out the pregnant Mwende;



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