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Jackson Kibor, men’s conference chairman baptised – VIDEO

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Former politician and prominent businessman Jackson Kibor has accepted Jesus as his personal savior and gotten baptized.

Kibor who is a self-proclaimed men’s conference Chairman was baptized at the Boma Inn’s swimming pool on Monday, May 3rd.

Kibor’s baptism ceremony was presided over by retired Africa Inland Church Bishop Silas Yego.

During his baptism, Kibor was draped in a white suit, surrounded by three men including retired Bishop Yego.

“Our Men’s Conference and Boy Chiild Chairman would have got us worried if baptized in the River. But kwa swimming pool, hiyo ni kupunguza tu temperatures. The movement is still strong,” reacted Joshwa Victor Anangwe on Facebook.

“He should add another wife 20 yrs of age to celebrate,” said Kalala Toniez.


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