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Jaguar apologises over fight with Babu

Jaguar apologises over fight with Babu

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Starehe Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Njagua Kanyi, alias Jaguar, has apologised to his constituents and Kenyans for engaging in a physical fight with his Embakasi East counterpart Babu Owino.

The two legislators traded blows within Parliament on Tuesday afternoon after Owino referred to President Uhuru Kenyatta as a leader in charge of a caretaker government, whose reign “will end soon”.

After the dramatic incident at the media centre within Parliament, a shouting match ensued with Owino insisting that he won’t recognise President Kenyatta’s legitimacy.

“Jaguar, huwezi leta ushenzi. Hii Kenya ni ya watu wote,” Owino said.

On the other hand, Jaguar was heard saying: “Babu, you must respect the president, if you don’t, we shall get hold of you.”

Jaguar, thereafter, proceeded to the National Assembly to participate in electoral laws debate, whereas Owino drove off.

The physical confrontation between the two first time Parliamentarians triggered myriad reactions on social media, with Kenyans condemning the two for portraying intolerance, terming the incident shameful.

“What happened yesterday (in Parliament) was very unfortunate. I forgive Babu Owino. I also ask him to forgive me. However, I insist that Babu Owino must respect the president. Should he fail to respect the Head of State – again –, I will deal with him,” said Jaguar, when a addressing a press conference at the media centre in Parliament on Wednesday, October 11.

“If I did not defend myself I would be dead by now because the way those people came to me was so strange and weird. Seemingly, they also had a group of people that had planned earlier to come and attack me,” he said.


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