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Jaguar, Babu Owino To Push Bill Initiated By Comedian Eric Omondi

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Starehe MP Jaguar and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino have vowed to push a petition by Eric Omondi advocating for 75 percent airplay for Kenyan content.

 Babu Owino hailed Eric Omondi for the work he is doing for the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Speaking after receiving the petition, Owino promised to rally other MPs to look into the petition and ensure that Kenyan content receives 75 percent of airplay.

“I would like to thank Eric Omondi for this great initiative because he has gone out of his way to ensure that artists in this country are recognized as artists. In fact artists in Kenya should be treated as the primary principal and secondary principal in our country and the foreign music should be treated as the tertiary principal in our country. As a member of parliament and a youthful one together with Hon Jaguar we will ensure that we pass this bill that is proposing that 75% of the airplay should be given to Kenyan artists,” Babu Owino said.

Jaguar asked artists to avail themselves and help in making decision regarding the percentage of Kenyan content that should be aired.

“We are going to support and we are going to make sure not even 75%, if Kenyan artists produce good music we will even push to 100%. We are also going to mobilize artists so that when the decisions are being made of the percentage of local content that is aired on our stations, the artists are there to negotiate, to prove they have the content so that we can move together. And now kazi is on Kenyan artists, we also expect you to produce quality music, danceable and good music for the heart, but so far we appreciate you, you are doing a good work as Kenyan artists,” Jaguar said.


He further advised Kenyan artists to produce quality music that can be played in the media stations willingly without them being forced.

“That is why I said music is business, if we are fighting for you in parliament we must prove that you have the content that we want the media stations to play them because the media stations are independent and we cannot force them to play music that is not of good quality,” he added.

We request that after we pass the motion, Kenyan artists should not let us down and should produce music that can compete with music from Nigeria and Tanzania.”




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