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Jaguar In Trouble Over Calls To Evict Foreigners In Gikomba (VIDEO)


Starehe MP Charles Njagua aka Jaguar has found himself in trouble following his 24 hour ultimatum to foreigners operating in Gikomba market and Nyamakima.

Speaking in Gikomba Jaguar stated that if no action is taken within the given time line, he shall marshal action against the traders and evict them from the market.

Look at Nyamakima Gikomba and other markets, the Chinese have taken the businesses, look at  our markets, Tanzanians and Ugandans have flooded our markets, so we are saying enough is enough, if they will not be evicted from these markets within 24 hours, we shall evict them and we shall beat them because  we fear nobody,” stated Jaguar.

Now Jaguar’s sentiments have elicited sharp reactions from Tanzania MPs who are demanding that the government of Kenya take a stand over the matter.

The Tanzania MPs stated that Jaguar’s statements amount to Xenophobic attacks that is threatening the peace of the East Africa Community Members.

“We are trying to warn that if Jaguar touches one of countrymen, we shall be in Kenya the following day demanding answers,” stated Tanzania Speaker .

“Mr Speaker Sir, Kenya has the biggest number of citizens who are working in different countries across the world,”stated another MP.