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Jahmby Koikai Jets back to the country after One year treatment in the United States


Media Personality Jahmby Koikai is back in the country after spending one and a half years in the United States seeking treatment.

The Faya Mama as she is known went to the US in February 2018 to seek treatment for severe endometriosis.

Earlier in the week, the petite lass had made the announcement that she would be back in the country soon.

Upon landing in Nairobi, Jahmby expressed gratitude to all who supported her at the same time expressing joy to be in the country.

“Niaje Nairobi. Naskia melanin popping lakini huku kwetu it’s vumbi popping so mkinicheki ntasema chocolate popping mjue ni vumbi ya hii massive yetu. Maze watoi pia mtaani wamegrow maze… Great to be back. Thanking God for all He has done for me. So happy to see my family and you all. God bless you abundantly. Taking a rest and I’ll see you all soon. #JahmbyKoikaiReturns #LongFightToHealing #TheComeBackKid” she wrote

Her fans and celebrities alike took to social media to welcome her back home.