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Jahmby Koikai out of danger after emergency surgery


Media personality Jahmby Koikai has revealed that she was rushed to the emergency room earlier this week.

Jahmby narrated via her Instagram acount that she had been taken for an emergency surgery after doctors discovered that she has a leak in her lungs.

Hey fam. So on the eve of my birthday, i was rushed to the Emergency. Found leaks in the chest area, right lung area that immediately called for surgery. I just got out of the operating room. It went well. Now in the recovery ward. We thank God for His mercy, love and grace. So i have a tube draining out. Thank God it’s just one tube, that’s gone through my right breast, uchungu noma ajaab but haina noma. I’ve had several before.I’m in praise mode thanking God. He’s been great to me. Just a minor setback…you know the comeback is loading” she wrote

Jahmby has been in he United States for close to an year for treatment of severe endometriosis which she has suffered for the past 13 years.