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Jalang’o defends radio presenters for playing Nigerian/ Bongo


By Annette Amondi

Over the weekend there was a back and forth involving various artistes and media personalities regarding the music content they play.

First Nyashinski hit at Willy M Tuva after he shared a video presumably promoting Bongo music.

The video elicited strong reactions from artistes who wanted to know why Kenyan presenters don’t play Kenyan music.

“I am planning on Bringing at least 10 big Kenyan media personalities/Radio presenters to Nigeria for a 10 day trip which I myself shall cater for, I want to see if some of y’all will be recognized by your Nigerian fans or if you even have fans at all here, it would be very sad if you don’t though. #respecttheogs,” wrote Khaligraph.

Jalango then responded saying presenters cannot force fans to listen to what they don’t want and that it is fans who request for the music to be played.

“Mkisha tulipia? Tufike huko na hatujulikani..ehe? Halafu turudi…ehe? Alafu turudi tuulize wakenya wanataka nini…waseme wanataka Naija na Wasafi…ehe alafu tuwalazimishe na ngoma zenyu donge? Check my page bro..we were making our playlist the other day I posted asking them what they want to listen to…almost 50% Bongo…and 40% Naija 10 % Kenya…they said they want to listen to you yes because you make music they want! It took you to get out of your comfort zone and even rebranding…so badala ya kutingisha meza ya ma presenter watu hata hawaamui nini inachezwa kwa radio aanza kupea wakenya kitu wanataka..ka 2 in 1! Bro did you know presenter have very little say on schedules? Maybe no! Usidanganye wasanii waambie kitu watu wanataka kwasababu unajua!” said Jalang’o.

The post went on to ignite conversation from the likes of Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime, Naiboi and publicist Anyiko Owoko.

“So after making calls and confirming how serious the OG is about this I have decided I will pay for 5more so that’s a total of 15. Let’s make it a Real experience for them,” Wrote Naiboi

Jalang’o went on to mock Kenyan artistes for only taking selfies with international artistes instead of asking for colabos.

“The other day King Kaka launched his album yet they did not even show up. The other day I saw them begging for selfies with Diamond just like they did with Neyo instead of asking for a colabo,” he wrote