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Jalang’o Fed Up With Antics Of Vincent Mboya And The Ksh. 18,000


Comedian Jalang’o is seemingly fed up by the antics being pulled by Vincent Mboya, the boy he once gave Ksh. 18,000 to clear his rent arrears.

In a post on Instagram, Jalang’o has warned Vincent to stop using his name to chase clout.

According to Jalang’o, he has evidence that Mboya has never sent him the message and that the MPESA message he posted on Social Media was edited.

 “If clout was a person! Waaaa!! I have just spoken to this boy to stop using my name in his pursuit of fame! This is an edited message! I can confirm to you that there is no money he has sent me! Ni Ujinga tu!”  Wrote Jalang’o.

The comedian says that Vincent should learn to appreciate the little things that he has been given because there are people who want to get the similar opportunity.

“But I hope one day he will learn that there are people wishing to get this money that I honestly gave him! I can’t imagine that this is the same boy who came crying and has just turned to be a monster! I have warned him against using my name for clout…anasema ni ngoma anatoa!” added Jalang’o.


Vincent had posted a screenshot of an M-Pesa message that shows he sent comedian Jalang’o Ksh 18,180 as a refund.

However his fans have advised him to stop giving the boy relevance by exchanging words on social media.

Jalang’o had helped the young man to clear his house arrears of Ksh 18,000 after boy pleaded and feared that he was going to be kicked out on the streets.

Although he accepted the cash, Vincent said that he was going to refund the comedian his money because he felt insulted by the words of advice given to him.