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Jalango’s Female Brigade Attacks Andrew Kibe

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Former Radio Presenter Andrew Kibe has once again taken a swipe at comedian Jalang’o after Jalang’os female brigade attacked him.

Kibe claims that Jalang’o has unleashed his female friends on him after he criticized the comedian.

Kibe claims that the attacks on him by Jalang’o’s female friends are making him (Jalang’o) look weak.

 “Wherever you are imagine madem wako hapa wanakutetea, madem wako hapa wanasema wachana na Jalas wetu yeye ni mtu mzuri anasaidia watu wengi. Madem wanakutetea buda, men when we were growing up mdem anakutetea men you would look like the puniest individual. Ambia madem wako wasikuje kukutetea kwa sababu it makes you look weak,” said Kibe.

He has further asked the comedian to face him directly and call out his name when the two have an issue.


 “If you are out there and bitter use names, hii game huchezwa na majina it is sweet when you use names because that we can work with. Mimi nikiona makosa mahali I will not keep quite I will say it and if you do not like it then you in the wrong place,” he said.

Jalang’o yesterday advised Andrew to stop focusing on other people’s work and start working on making his projects work.

“Don’t be bitter with everyone. If your stuff isn’t working out, that’s a ‘you’ problem. Don’t start looking at what is working for other people and start discrediting them. Forget other people and work on bettering your little project. Whatever someone is doing, let them do it whichever way they want to stop focusing on people,” said Jalang’o.

Andrew had condemned Jalang’o for supporting the mtumba guy, who because famous was wearing female clothes while doing business.


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